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Teacher's Wish List

THANK YOU  for your support of our school.  We appreciate all your kindness and thoughtfulness. If anyone would like to donate to any grade, here is a list of the items our teachers need. If you have any questions, please contact Lori at 815-478-3951.

Preschool:            1. Animal Friends Box Set from

                             2. Discount School Supply; Art-drying rack.

Kindergarten:        Help-yourself Extra Wide book stand from


1st Grade:              Donation received THANKS.

2nd Grade:            1. Ga-Ga Pit, 
                              2. Outdoor Dodge Ball Court providing organized fun for students.     Visit Coach Cliff's website at gagaballpits.com for purchase information. http://gagaballpits.com/

3rd Grade:             Donation received THANKS.

4th Grade:             1.Reading Response Posters
                              2.  paired reading 
                              3. Differentiated non-fiction reading from 

5th Grade:             Bulletin Board display (cork board for student’s work), listening center.

6th Grade:             Chrome Books for Junior High listening center.

7th Grade:             1. Running Water and proper drainage for science lab.
                              2. Student drawers to store all of their equipment.

8th Grade:              1. Art-drying rack
                               2. Canvas boards

GYM:                     Foam footballs and leather footballs.